Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fashions I Wish I Could Forget

I am going to take quick break from my city reviews and discuss my views on fashion. Specifically, bad fashion. For this blog post, I browsed the internet looking for blogs to respond to. I found a blog talking about great fashions, so I decided to take the opposite approach.
There are two fashions I absolutely despise and they are: leggings and booty shorts.

I like leggings. I don’t mind wearing them with a long sweater dress or shirt but when the shirt starts going above the butt then you have got some issues. I would like to know when leggings became pants and who started this awful trend. Leggings are just thicker versions of tights and you don’t see people walking around in just tights now do you? I truly do love seeing every crevasse and fat roll as someone walks down the street (Sarcasm). I really would like keep my appetite, thank you. Please if you are going to wear leggings, wear a shirt that covers your butt. Some things are just not meant to be seen.

Booty shorts are not flattering. Anybody who thinks otherwise is truly disturbed. Shorts that ride up your butt and pretty much look like they are painted are no way near attractive. Girls learn to cover your butt pleaseeeeeee! No one wants to see that! Trust me! You just look trashy.

Well that is my two cents on fashion. Take the advice or leave it. It is your reputation to uphold.

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